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Arise School of Healing Bookstore is a specialized resourse center for training materials, books, CDs, and DVDs for healing, deliverance, restoration, and other areas of Christian growth and enrichment. We will be selling fresh and dry herbs through this platform as we strongly believe that Our Ever Loving God provided various herbs and vegetables for the haling of the nations.  

Please know that with every purchase that you make, you are helping us carry out our divine mandate of teaching Kingdom Etiquette and taking Healing, Deliverance, and Restoration to God's people all over the world.  You are also helping to publish and print more literature in our bid to teach Kingdom Etiquate and bring healing and deliverance through printed material especially teaching manuals worldwide.  

Thank you so much for shopping with us. May the Lord God continue to strengthen and enrich you in every area of your life, in the name of Jesus.


All Marriage, Family, Deliverance, Happiness, Joy, Family life Deliverance Christian Discipleship Kingdom Etiquette Inspirational