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Behold I will Do A New Thing


Behold I Do A New Thing


This is a book on new beginnings. Now more than ever the God is doing new things in the lives of His people. Isaiah 43:18-19. He is releasing new things from Heaven to His body at a faster rate than ever before in History. God does not change but He is forever changing lives and situations to bring about His will and purpose. He desires the best for His children. 3 John 2, John 10:10, 1 Kings 18:41.


In this book, you will learn how connect to the God of new beginnings and how to take hold of your portion of these new things which are rightfully yours through Christ. This book will:


Introduce you to the God that does New Things.

Teach you how to re-position your life to receive New Things.

Equip you to deal with obstacles to obtaining New Things.

Help you to connect to the God that does New Things.

Teach you how to receive and to retain new blessings.


As you use this book and the attached prayers, you will not be left out of the goodness of the Lord for your generation in Jesus name. I prophesy a fresh start and an avalanche of new things over your life in Jesus name.

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