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Deliverance or Discipline


The ministry of deliverance constituted a large portion of Jesus' earthly ministry. This has not changed. Jesus is still the Deliverer. He is the same yesterday and forever. Hebrews 13:8. He is still in the business of delivering His people today. God has richly endowed His children and given them an inheritance in Him. Jesus comes to give us the more abundant life. The devil on the other hand, through lies, deception, and other demonic means cleverly steals, kills, and destroys this glorious inheritance. John 10:10. The ministry of Deliverance is the only way of getting back what the enemy and his cohorts have stolen, killed, or destroyed. This book will do the following for you and more:


Introduce you to the ministry of deliverance.

It will help you to know if you need deliverance.

It will guide you on how to choose a safe and effective place for your deliverance.

It will equip you on how to keep and maintain your deliverance when you have been delivered.

It will teach you about the dangers of incomplete deliverance.


I pray that as you read and apply what you read in this book that the Lord God will arise as the Mighty Deliverer and deliver you to the uttermost in every area of your life and through that process transform your life. He will lift you up above your circumstances and cause you to shine forth like gold in Jesus? name.

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