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Do It Right This Time

This book is a step by step do-it-yourself prayer and deliverance manual for anyone desiring a godly marriage. It will transform you life and marital destiny whether you are married or single seeking to get married. The power is available through this book for you to do it right this time regardless of what your marital journey has been so far. This book will equip you to overcome common challenges faced in marriage including:

  • Meeting and choosing the right partner.
  • Satanic delay and sluggishness in getting married.
  • Constant disappointment, rejection, and hatred in relationships.
  • Anti-marriage decrees, verdicts, and judgments.
  • Unbroken covenants and curses militating against God’s best in marriage.
  • Demonic manipulations by ancestral, witchcraft and occult powers.
  • Spiritual and physical marriages hindering godly marriages.
  • Anti-marriage dreams involving sex, nakedness, rejection, and spouses.
  • Evil family marital patterns troubling marriages in your family including divorce, single motherhood, polygamy, barrenness, low sperm count, and late or no marriage.

As you do it God’s way this time, God will pick you up, and put you in your correct marital home and relationship in Jesus name.