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Pastor Morayo Isi a seer, author, intercessor, teacher, and speaker who is constantly in pursuit of God. She believes in seating at the Lord’s feet often just like Lord Jesus took time to be alone with His Father often while on earth. (See her book “Alone with God”). For her the greatest place to be is at the Lord’s feet. Out of this flows her strong intercession ministry.

God has called her into the ministry of healing. Her ministry and calling are anchored on the following key scriptures, (Isaiah 61:1-2, John 14:12, Acts 3:6). Her healing ministry is further anchored on the following scripture from which Arise School of Healing derives its unique God given name:

“Silver and gold I have none; but what I have, I give thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, arise, and walk.” Acts 3:6.

God has also committed into Pastor Morayo’s hand the assignment of teaching Kingdom etiquette to His people. As a result, she is a tireless teacher and a prolific writer who has written several books including, “I Believe in Divine Healing,” “Deliverance or Discipline," “One Step Ahead,” “Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose,” “Are You Available,” and “Platform of the Blood of Jesus.” She also writes authors several blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

Arise School of Healing was established to fulfill this commission and to take territories for Christ. We cannot sit back and see territories that were ones Christs taken over by the enemy. Taking the time to read the mail that her various ministry outlets all over the world elicit and spending hours, week after week, counseling many from various continents, she saw the glaring need to teach others how to fish rather than continue to give them fish. This is particular important with regards to the deliverance and healing ministries because they are often progressive in nature. It is similar to peeling an onion. As you peel off one layer, God reveals another deliverance issue which you have to deal with also.

It therefore became imperative to establish a global school as well local schools that can train these counselees and others on how to fight these battles and win with minimal or no supervision. So Arise School of Healing was established as a vehicle to impart all that God has poured into her into others particularly the younger and upcoming generations, starting from age five.


  1. The main purpose of Arise School of Healing is to take territories for Christ. This is particularly important as the kingdom of darkness is greedily snatching up all the territory it can get as most Christians are sleeping.
  2. It is a God commissioned and mandated School of Healing set up to equip the saints as the harvest is ripe and plenty and there are few laborers.
  3. Many Christians have lost precious things including healing that God did for them out of ignorance and lack of training as to how to retain them.
  4. This school is needed more than ever as new, strange, and deadly diseases are springing up daily that have no cure.
  5. It is a community of believers coming together to explore the healing, prophetic, deliverance, and other gifts that God has deposited in His Children for the edification of the Church. (Acts 5:12-16; Romans 12:4-8; 1 Corinthians 12:4-12, 26-31).
  6. It is a place where all who have squandered their money and time on physicians and have not been healed can come and receive healing as healing and deliverance is the children’s meat. (Matthew 15:22-28).
  7. It is a school that specializes in teaching and equipping its students on how to develop and use the gift of healing and deliverance that God has deposited in all His children. (Mark 16:16-19).
  8. A great place to get introduction to the Great Physician, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  9. Is a forum that is aimed at demystifying the healing, deliverance, and prophetic ministries as a place reserved for "the privileged."
  10. It is a forum that God has provided to give all who would be disciplined, prepared, and available to learn; ministries that are accompanied by miracles, signs, and wonders. (Mark 16:20, Acts 8:5-8, Acts 5:12).
  11. It is to afford serious minded Christians the opportunity to develop worldwide ministries that would cut across ethnic, social, and even religious barriers.
  12. A forum where the founder and her team can impact the huge reservoir of healing, deliverance, and prophetic gifts that God has gracefully deposited in them.
  13. A training forum for everyone who truly wants to actualize their calling in the healing, deliverance, and prophetic ministries.
  14. A place where everyone that wants to fulfill the great commission can be equipped to do so. (Mark 16:118-19, Matthew 19-20).
  15. A school meaning that we can all learn from each other and benefit from each other’s gifts as iron sharpens iron. (Proverbs 27:17).
  16. A safe environment in which an individual can feel comfortable to practice operating in his or her gifts and calling.
  17. A place of healing and deliverance and a sending forth to heal others. (Matthew 28:19-20).